20 Chore Tuesday #6

20 Chore Tuesday

Hey everyone! It’s 20 Chore Tuesday time! I’m linking up with Emily from Joyful Abode and all my other lovely IG friends out there πŸ™‚ This weekend was filled with lots of hanging out and fun with friends but I am exhausted! This week’s list is more about meal prep and errands instead of cleaning, which suits me just fine πŸ˜‰ Here it is:


  • Vacuum floor


  • Vacuum floor
  • Change sheets


  • Sweep floors
  • Mop floors
  • Wash sinks
  • Wash toilets


  • Make chili
  • Make blueberry muffins (I use vanilla yogurt instead of sour cream in these. Yum!)
  • Sweep floor
  • Mop floor
  • Drain fish tank
  • Unload/reload dishwasher


  • Go to library
  • Go to bank
  • Go to health food store for bulk spices
  • Walk in the park for 30 minutes * there was a surprise rain shower that kept us from doing this but while I was in town, I got a call from the eye doctor about my appointment today (which I completely forgot about!) so instead…..
  • Eye exam and new contact lens fitting appointment


  • Laundry x4
  • Fold and put away diapers
  • Finish knitting baby legging

The fish tank is going to require hubby’s help in the morning and the baby legging won’t be done tonight but I got some solid work done on it. I have to say 18 out of 20 isn’t bad! What’s on your list?


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