Commonground Fair!

It’s officially my favorite time of year! There is a nip in the air, all you can see are trees garbed in an explosion of red, orange, and yellow and the Commonground Fair has come to town. It is officially autumn! The Commonground Fair has become somewhat of a family tradition every year and I was especially excited this year since it was Christian’s first time! It is not a summer county fair with rides and tractor pulls (although those are so much fun and something that I do not miss each year as well), but it is equally as fun! It is a fair celebrating natural living, homesteading, and farming. There are tons of demonstrations, animal exhibits, yummy food, and (my personal favorite) YARN! I could tell you more but I will just let you see it πŸ™‚


Christian was very excited!



The first stop was the children’s area



Then it was time for all the kids to get their faces painted before the children’s parade



After that, we checked out the animal demonstrations.



Christian LOVED the sheep πŸ™‚


and the bunnies πŸ™‚


He had more fun looking at the lights in the poultry barn though πŸ˜›



We got a bite to eat, then it was time for my favorite part


Three skeins of lovely natural-dyed and locally spun wool found its way into my bag from the vendor in the top right picture. By that time, the fair was closing up and it was time to go home. This was the scene on our walk through the field to our car.


I will leave you with my favorite picture of the day: my little boy loving the fair as much as I hoped he would πŸ™‚



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