Apple, I mean Pumpkin Picking

In my last post, I mentioned that Christian and I were going apple picking with my sister and SIL. While it didn’t go quite as we planned, it was still fun so I thought I would share šŸ™‚

The place we went had wagons for the kids to ride in. Christian was super excited to ride in the wagon like a big boy!



We went down the rows of trees to search for apples, but there wasn’t a single one left on the trees that we could find.



Christian decided that it was more fun to wear the apple bag as a hat šŸ˜›



On the other side of the apple orchard was a hug pumpkin patch so we decided to give up on the apples and get some pumpkins instead.



My sister Mia found us the perfect one!



Since it was Christian’s first time in a pumpkin patch, I just had to take the proverbial “Cabbage Patch Kids” picture with him by the pumpkins


Even though he seemed more interested in the hay on the ground than the pumpkins šŸ˜‰



I managed to get both my camera shy sister and SIL in on the picture action as well!



We left there with no apples but 3 pumpkins, two of which are on my porch waiting to be carved as we speak. Anyone else have fun in the pumpkin patch this week?


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