Setting Goals Sunday # 3

Hello again! It is time for me to share with you some of my goals for this week. I have really been motivated to be purposeful with my days because of this series of posts. Even though I did not get all of my goals done this week, I am getting closer to accomplishing them all each time I do this. Click here to see last week’s list and what I got done from it. This week Hopefully Hurricane Sandy will be over and done with by Tuesday so my in-laws can make the drive up here for the week as planned



  • Read a book to Christian each day this week – He is finally getting old enough to be interested in being read to and I want to encourage a love of reading in him like I have.
  • Spend lots of time hanging out with my in-laws this week – that is if Hurricane Sandy doesn’t derail their trip up from Delaware ((fingers crossed that it doesn’t))


  • Exercise 2x this week – I would try for three times this week, but the forecast full of rain and wind doesn’t bode well for that 😦
  • Read my She Reads Truth devotional every day – This is one goal that I keep slacking on and I am determined that this is the week I stop slacking!
  • Finish knitting my Leafy Fingerless mitt and start working on a hat for myself


  • Clean out a drawer in the kitchen for some toys for Christian – Hopefully this will deter him from trying to open every other drawer and cabinet in the kitchen (although I doubt it)
  • Install cabinet locks in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Move our cleaning supplies into the laundry room


  • Post both discussion question responses by Wednesday
  • Work on the banner/logo design for ATM
  • Work on the PSD template for PNE

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