20 Chore Tuesday – Oh the Places We’ll Go

Hey everyone! My 20CT list is a mixed bag today since Hubby and I are going to Augusta for the morning to run some errands. Since we have a bit of a ride, ย I plan on bringing some knitting and felt for the Christmas ornaments I am going to make for the tree today. The other highlight of my list is rearranging the living room furniture to make way for the Christmas tree! We don’t have ours yet, but I want to try out the new living room configuration for a couple of days to see if it will work for us before we have to move around a Christmas tree.

  1. Go to the dump
  2. Turn on heat tape at the in-laws
  3. Pick up garage door opener at Home Depot
  4. Return shoes at Target
  5. Exchange shoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods
  6. Get bowstring fixed at Audette’s
  7. Work on knit hat for Craig
  8. Cut out felt ornaments for tree
  9. Take pictures of mitts and shawl
  10. Rearrange living room furniture – We decided to put the Christmas tree someplace different so we didn’t end up doing this, but I filled the fish tank up the rest of the way instead so I am crossing #10 off ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Vacuum living room
  12. Move extra stuff into the garage
  13. Dishes x2
  14. Wash kitchen counters
  15. Wash table
  16. Sweep kitchen floor
  17. Vacuum bedroom
  18. Scrub toilets
  19. Wash sinks
  20. Laundry x 2

As always, link up with me and my lovely friends at Joyful Abode to play along ๐Ÿ™‚


Update: It is almost 11pm Tuesday here and with the exception of the dump and the bedroom, I have a completely crossed off list! Yay!


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