20 Chore Tuesday – No Motivation Edition

I am really struggling with motivation to do anything today except for sitting on my butt and snugging my little man. Unfortunately, a weekend without water (long story all thanks to a piece of shale that fell onto my well pump and bound the motor up) means that I have got a cleaning list a mile long. It turns out it is really hard to do laundry, dishes, or any number of cleaning related tasks when you don’t have any water in the house. Who would’ve thought? πŸ˜‰ I am mixing some fun stuff in here in hopes that I can get the cross-off high that will give me motivation for the drudgery. Here we go:

  1. Dishes x2 – I am kind of amazed that I only have 2 loads to do actually
  2. Laundry x3
  3. Wash down counters
  4. Wash down table
  5. Make ornaments for Christmas Card swap
  6. Clean out the fridge
  7. Sweep kitchen floor
  8. Make supper
  9. Sew together felt ornaments for the Christmas tree
  10. Wash bathroom sinks
  11. Scrub toilets
  12. Scrub showers
  13. Clear off desk
  14. Finish editing/post Thanksgiving album
  15. Pick up toys in the living room
  16. Vacuum living room
  17. Go to the dump
  18. Go to the library and get some Christmas books to read with Christian
  19. Get groceries
  20. Post discussion questions for school

Link up with me and my friends at Joyful AbodeΒ to play along. We can cheer each other on!


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