20 Chore Tuesday

My list is short and sweet today, because Christian has a cold and is going to require lots of cuddles (so far today, if he is not being held by me or Craig, then the world seems to be coming to an end). I have some errands and cleaning to do and prep for my Cookie Swap party this Sunday! The most important thing on my list (other than feeding everyone) is to finish the paper that I had due last night. I will be very glad to finish this class next week!

  1. Shower
  2. Feed all creatures in the house, including myself!
  3. Finish my networking paper and submit it
  4. Go to the chiropractor
  5. Return movies at the library
  6. Mail Christmas cards off
  7. Diaper laundry x2
  8. Christian’s laundry
  9. Vacuum living room
  10. Move extra yarn to back room
  11. Pick up toys
  12. Dishes
  13. Wash counters
  14. Sweep kitchen floor
  15. Clear off desk
  16. Clear off hutch
  17. Clear off top of bookshelf
  18. Find make ahead appetizer recipes for party
  19. Bring out platters and bowls to clean
  20. Make network diagram for final

As always, link up with me and my friends at Joyful Abode to play along 🙂