20 Chore Tuesday

20 Chore Tuesday

Hey guys! Today is the day that Christian gets his new big boy car seat so I will be cleaning out the car and installing that as part of my 20CT list. I’m not sure if I am ready for him to be big enough for a new seat, but apparently he didn’t get the memo about staying little forever πŸ˜‰ I will post pictures of him as soon as it is installed. I also get some extra help today with my list since Craig has the day off today! Here is my list:

  1. Wash bathroom sinks
  2. Scrub toilets
  3. Sweep bathroom floors
  4. Clear off bedroom nightstands/dressers
  5. Put away all of the laundry
  6. Vacuum bedroom
  7. Vacuum living room
  8. Pick up all the toys
  9. Wash kitchen counters
  10. Wash table
  11. Clear desk
  12. Sweep kitchen floor
  13. Clean out the car
  14. Install Christian’s car seat
  15. Block my beret
  16. Finish knitting my shawl
  17. Make felt ornaments for the tree
  18. Go to the library
  19. Grocery shopping
  20. Laundry x2

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20 Chore Tuesday

20 Chore Tuesday

Hey everyone! It’s that time again πŸ™‚ I didn’t get to do this last week so I’m playing a bit of catch-up. Here’s my list!!

  1. Towel laundry #1
  2. Towel/kitchen laundry #2
  3. My laundry
  4. Wash bathroom sinks
  5. Scrub toilets
  6. Sweep bathroom floors
  7. Scrub shower/tub
  8. Make supper
  9. Dishwasher load #1
  10. Dishwasher load #2
  11. Sweep kitchen floor
  12. Clear off table
  13. Clear off counters
  14. Pick up the living room toys
  15. Vacuum living room
  16. Vacuum bedrooms
  17. Read Networking journal articles for school
  18. Post bio in classroom
  19. Doctor’s appointment
  20. Go over to in-laws and tidy up/turn up the heat

That’s it in a nutshell! What’s on your list? Link up with me and my lovely friends at Joyful Abode to share it with us!


Update: The in-laws surprised us by coming a day early! That threw the chore list off track a bit, but I’m still plugging away at it πŸ™‚

Resetting my vision and setting goals…..Monday!

Last week was just crazy and I missed getting to set my goals for the week. It probably was for the best because the way it went, I probably wouldn’t have gotten them done anyways. But the wonderful thing about time is that it passes and we are given the opportunity to begin anew. Last week I read a post by the lovely Erin that really made me think about my priorities, relationships, and really just reset my vision. Seriously, it rocked my world and you totally need to go read it!

The long and short of it is First Corinthians 13 all the way. All of our goals and plans are meaningless clanging bells without love. Erin said that she does not want to teach the people around her that tasks are more important than relationships. I have struggled off and on with trying to figure out how to do it all (mother, wife, student, freelance designer, oh yeah and just me as well) and I know that there have been moments where my need to complete tasks have gotten in the way of the relationships that I am doing these things for. That is where the vision reset has really focused me. Rather than getting annoyed that my son won’t go down for his nap so I can load the dishwasher, I am choosing to take that opportunity to give him my full attention (really, it’s not like the dishes won’t still be there) and play with him until he is ready. Rather than being frustrated when my husband asks me to go out and watch him shoot his bow or sit down and watch TV with him when I have 5 million other things I should be doing, I am choosing to be blessed that he is seeking time with me.

The crazy thing about this is when I choose relationships over tasks, the tasks manage to get done anyhow and I am have a lot less resistance when I ask for help with them. It is a powerful lesson the God has been teaching me this last week and I am grateful that I get to share it with all of you πŸ™‚ My goals for this week are simple and with God’s help I will get them all done with lots of time for play, snuggles, and laughter in between!


  • Make a point to notice and document what love is looking like in my house a few times this week
  • Read a story to Christian every day


  • Take my pills each day – I know this should go without saying but I am really bad at remembering them sometimes. I think I am going to put them at my place at the table each night after supper so when I sit down to breakfast they will be right in front of me
  • Get out and walk 3 times this week
  • Get dressed (before noon LOL) in real clothes that make me feel good about myself every day


  • Load/start the dishwasher, and clear off the table and counters before bed at least 3 times this week so I will wake up to a clean kitchen
  • Find some new healthy/yummy recipes to have for suppers next week – my in-laws are coming up on Wednesday so we will probably be over at their house for suppers most of this week πŸ™‚


  • Continue coding the PNE home page
  • Add individual and group project school assignments to my calendar
  • Make template/outlines for school papers and put them in Dropbox

Setting Goals Sunday

Hey everyone! I have had it on my mind for a little while to be a bit more purposeful in my week instead of just reacting to each day as it comes. With that in mind, I have decided to take a little time each Sunday and write down 10 goals for the week. Here they are:



  • Play the piano with Christian – My in-laws bought him a little play stand that has a 5 key keyboard on it which he adores. He plays and sings along with it all the time. I have a digital piano in my back room that I haven’t touched since he was born and I really want to start playing it for/with him.
  • Read the first two chapters of Baby-Led Weaning (which finally came from the library!)


  • Eat three actual meals every day this week – This has been a real struggle lately and I know that I need to be better about this so I can be more consistent with taking my insulin-resistance meds.
  • Exercise 3x this week – Once again, this is something that I have struggled with lately. I know I feel so much better when I do it so this week will be the start!
  • Do something completely frivolous (like start a fiction book or play my new games on the 3DS) at least twice this week guilt-free!


  • Actually complete 20 Chore Tuesday this week!
  • Meal plan for the week and stick to it


  • Finalize style board and layouts for A-T-M
  • Start coding blog theme for PNE
  • Read two chapters of The Strategic Web Designer

I am hoping that making myself accountable like this will give me the motivation to do all of these things that I have truly wanting to do πŸ™‚ Do you have a list?

Apple, I mean Pumpkin Picking

In my last post, I mentioned that Christian and I were going apple picking with my sister and SIL. While it didn’t go quite as we planned, it was still fun so I thought I would share πŸ™‚

The place we went had wagons for the kids to ride in. Christian was super excited to ride in the wagon like a big boy!



We went down the rows of trees to search for apples, but there wasn’t a single one left on the trees that we could find.



Christian decided that it was more fun to wear the apple bag as a hat πŸ˜›



On the other side of the apple orchard was a hug pumpkin patch so we decided to give up on the apples and get some pumpkins instead.



My sister Mia found us the perfect one!



Since it was Christian’s first time in a pumpkin patch, I just had to take the proverbial “Cabbage Patch Kids” picture with him by the pumpkins


Even though he seemed more interested in the hay on the ground than the pumpkins πŸ˜‰



I managed to get both my camera shy sister and SIL in on the picture action as well!



We left there with no apples but 3 pumpkins, two of which are on my porch waiting to be carved as we speak. Anyone else have fun in the pumpkin patch this week?

20 Chore Tuesday

20 Chore Tuesday

My list today has a little bit of everything. Christian and I are going apple/pumpkin picking this afternoon so I plan on using them to make some yummy treats tonight. I also have some crafting to do for a photographer friend of mine today and hopefully I will finish it in time to make it to the post office before it closes tonight.


  • Sweep/mop kitchen floor
  • Wash kitchen counters
  • Wash kitchen table
  • Clear desk off
  • Pick up toys
  • Sweep/mop bathroom floors
  • Wash bathroom sinks
  • Scrub toilets
  • Vacuum floors
  • Dishes


  • Return pump to hospital
  • Dollar Tree
  • Dump
  • Library


  • Bake blueberry muffins
  • Bake banana walnut bread
  • Make pumpkin puree


  • Finish hats for photo props
  • Call financial aid advisor
  • Diaper laundry
  • Christian’s laundry
  • Read two chapters of The Strategic Web Designer

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20 Chore Tuesday – getting back into the groove

20 Chore Tuesday

This week’s list is a bit on the light side since we are just getting back into the groove of things after having the in-laws here all last week. Christian is thankfully getting over his cold and since the teeth have made their appearance, he is a much happier baby πŸ™‚ In fact, he has slept in almost every day this week!

*cue happy mommy cheers*

So on to the list. I’ve got more than 20 things here but I’ve got lots of fun crafting and computer stuff mixed in with the cleaning and drudgery. Hubby is working the late shift tonight so it’s going to be me and my little man all night and I wanted to be able to really spend some quality mommy-baby time with him. Here is the breakdown:


  • Sweep floor
  • Unload/reload dishwasher
  • Wash counters
  • Clear off desk


  • Pick up and switch out toys
  • Vacuum floor


  • Sweep floor
  • Wash sinks
  • Scrub toilets


  • Vacuum floor
  • Fold and put away laundry


  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Grocery shopping
  • Library


  • PNE Website coding
  • Moodboard for new web project
  • DQ for school


  • Knit owl or bear hat
  • Make “tissue”box for Christian
  • Cast on for Abalone


  • Reschedule dentist appointment
  • Pay bills
  • Diaper laundry

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Update: Ever have one of those days where you feel like you are pedaling backwards instead of forwards? Yeah, that’s my day so far today :/ I’m plugging away at it though πŸ™‚

20 Chore Tuesday #8

20 Chore Tuesday

It’s 20 Chore Tuesday time! As always, I’m linking up with Joyful Abode and my favorite IG mamas πŸ™‚ I’ve got a busy day ahead of me so here is the breakdown:


  • Sweep floor
  • Wash down table
  • Wash counters
  • Wash down high chair
  • Unload and reload dishwasher


  • Vacuum floor
  • Pick up (what seems like a mountain of) toys
  • Clear off desk


  • Vacuum floor
  • Fold and put away laundry


  • Sweep bathroom
  • Wash sinks
  • Scrub toilets


  • Library
  • Natural Goods Store for pickling spices, sea salt, and horseradish leaf for sour pickles
  • Wal-Mart
  • Doctor’s Appt


  • Write discussion question for class
  • Diaper load of laundry
  • Start short rows on Marin shawl

I’m supposed to go help a friend get some work done today, so I’m trying to put things down that I actually have a prayer of getting done πŸ™‚ I will be crossing off things as I go. Link up with me and my friends by clicking the button and play along with us!

Update: It’s 11:30pm here. The diapers are in the dryer and while the shawl is not to the short rows yet, I did make some progress on it. My son is sleeping snuggled in my lap and I am thrilled that I made progress on everything on my list!

My week :)

Hubby has been on vacation this week and it has been amazing so I had to share some photos from it. This is the first week long vacation that he has been able to take since C was born and I cannot tell you how much him and I both needed it! C has enjoyed having his daddy around all week too πŸ™‚

We started off the week by taking an infant and child CPR class. Hubby had never taken it and it had been a while for me so it was definitely good to get the refresher.The only other event for the week was a trip down to Portland (which is a ways away from us so we don’t get to go down hardly ever). Other than that, we have just stayed pretty local and enjoyed reconnecting as a family.

Hubby’s parents are coming up next week since their new place up here is finally done! Β You can see a picture of the moving company with the house being moved onto the lot. It will be so nice to have them close by when they stay up here.

All in all, this has been an incredibly relaxing and refreshing week. I plan to make the most of the last little while we have left by snuggling with my guys tonight and watching a movie. Happy weekend!

Pictures from my week

Adventures in Baby-led Weaning



C eating blw style


I have embarked on a new adventure with C and we are still working out the kinks. I have recently begun looking into baby-led weaning, or more accurately baby-led solids since it doesn’t really have anything to do with weaning him off the breast. I have been interested in it for a little while, especially since C is so fiercely independent (I often wonder where he gets that from LOL) and has been trying to grab at my plate since he was about 4 months old. I was kind of timid to try it since I did not know anyone who started their kids off this way, so when he finally started to eat solid foods, they were homemade purees. He always has been a really good eater ( he was 20 lbs + at 6 months) whether at the breast or otherwise, so he did really well with the purees. The only struggle was trying to get him to let me have the spoon so I could load it up to feed him.

Fast forward to this week, when I saw a picture on Instagram taken by Mama_KatΒ of her son (only a few weeks older than C) chowing down on half a pear for lunch. I asked her about it and she gave me some really good reference blogs that she used to get started with. So, long story short, I am hopping on the BLW train. So far, C has had two meals (green beans and peaches) and he is not quite sure what to think of it. He loves that I am giving him food to play with, but he seems very confused as to why the food is on the tray and not on the spoon. He plays with the food on the tray, but very little of it is getting into his mouth (which amazes me since when he is not in the high chair EVERYTHING goes in his mouth!) and he follows my fork every step of the way from my plate to my mouth. This afternoon, I started giving him his spoon loaded with a bit of puree along with the peach quarter and he did a good job of taking it from me and feeding himself. I am sure he will eventually get the hang of it. Meanwhile I ordered the book Baby Led WeaningΒ from the library in the hopes that it will give me some more information about the whole process to tell Hubby about. If nothing else, this process is giving me some hilarious pictures to be able to show his future girlfriends πŸ™‚