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20 Chore Tuesday – No Motivation Edition

I am really struggling with motivation to do anything today except for sitting on my butt and snugging my little man. Unfortunately, a weekend without water (long story all thanks to a piece of shale that fell onto my well pump and bound the motor up) means that I have got a cleaning list a mile long. It turns out it is really hard to do laundry, dishes, or any number of cleaning related tasks when you don’t have any water in the house. Who would’ve thought? πŸ˜‰ I am mixing some fun stuff in here in hopes that I can get the cross-off high that will give me motivation for the drudgery. Here we go:

  1. Dishes x2 – I am kind of amazed that I only have 2 loads to do actually
  2. Laundry x3
  3. Wash down counters
  4. Wash down table
  5. Make ornaments for Christmas Card swap
  6. Clean out the fridge
  7. Sweep kitchen floor
  8. Make supper
  9. Sew together felt ornaments for the Christmas tree
  10. Wash bathroom sinks
  11. Scrub toilets
  12. Scrub showers
  13. Clear off desk
  14. Finish editing/post Thanksgiving album
  15. Pick up toys in the living room
  16. Vacuum living room
  17. Go to the dump
  18. Go to the library and get some Christmas books to read with Christian
  19. Get groceries
  20. Post discussion questions for school

Link up with me and my friends at Joyful AbodeΒ to play along. We can cheer each other on!

20 Chore Tuesday – Oh the Places We’ll Go

Hey everyone! My 20CT list is a mixed bag today since Hubby and I are going to Augusta for the morning to run some errands. Since we have a bit of a ride, Β I plan on bringing some knitting and felt for the Christmas ornaments I am going to make for the tree today. The other highlight of my list is rearranging the living room furniture to make way for the Christmas tree! We don’t have ours yet, but I want to try out the new living room configuration for a couple of days to see if it will work for us before we have to move around a Christmas tree.

  1. Go to the dump
  2. Turn on heat tape at the in-laws
  3. Pick up garage door opener at Home Depot
  4. Return shoes at Target
  5. Exchange shoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods
  6. Get bowstring fixed at Audette’s
  7. Work on knit hat for Craig
  8. Cut out felt ornaments for tree
  9. Take pictures of mitts and shawl
  10. Rearrange living room furniture – We decided to put the Christmas tree someplace different so we didn’t end up doing this, but I filled the fish tank up the rest of the way instead so I am crossing #10 off πŸ™‚
  11. Vacuum living room
  12. Move extra stuff into the garage
  13. Dishes x2
  14. Wash kitchen counters
  15. Wash table
  16. Sweep kitchen floor
  17. Vacuum bedroom
  18. Scrub toilets
  19. Wash sinks
  20. Laundry x 2

As always, link up with me and my lovely friends at Joyful Abode to play along πŸ™‚


Update: It is almost 11pm Tuesday here and with the exception of the dump and the bedroom, I have a completely crossed off list! Yay!

Setting Goals Sunday

This week has been such a wonderful one, filled with lots of friends, family, and of course food! It has been a very busy week and I am really looking forward to the next being a bit more mellow. Here are my goals for the next week:


  • Carve out some unplugged time with Craig at least once this week
  • Be diligent to get back into the nap/eating schedule I had with Christian before the holiday craziness


  • Sit down to 3 meals each day this week
  • Get dressed in real clothes every morning
  • Read for pleasure twice this week


  • Clean out storage container cabinet
  • Pack away outgrown clothes and put in the garage
  • Rearrange living room to make room for the Christmas tree


  • Send out invites for cookie swap party
  • Make at least 10 felt ornaments for the tree
  • Post 2 discussion question responses before Thursday
  • Work on logo design for ATM

20 Chore Tuesday

20 Chore Tuesday

Hey everyone! It’s that time again πŸ™‚ I didn’t get to do this last week so I’m playing a bit of catch-up. Here’s my list!!

  1. Towel laundry #1
  2. Towel/kitchen laundry #2
  3. My laundry
  4. Wash bathroom sinks
  5. Scrub toilets
  6. Sweep bathroom floors
  7. Scrub shower/tub
  8. Make supper
  9. Dishwasher load #1
  10. Dishwasher load #2
  11. Sweep kitchen floor
  12. Clear off table
  13. Clear off counters
  14. Pick up the living room toys
  15. Vacuum living room
  16. Vacuum bedrooms
  17. Read Networking journal articles for school
  18. Post bio in classroom
  19. Doctor’s appointment
  20. Go over to in-laws and tidy up/turn up the heat

That’s it in a nutshell! What’s on your list? Link up with me and my lovely friends at Joyful Abode to share it with us!


Update: The in-laws surprised us by coming a day early! That threw the chore list off track a bit, but I’m still plugging away at it πŸ™‚

20 Chore Tuesday

It’s 20 Chore Tuesday again! Christian has been a bear today, but I have managed to get some stuff done in spite of that πŸ™‚ My list is heavy on the cleaning since I have been devoting most of my time in the last few days to getting schoolwork done. Plus, since it is stormy and chilly out today, I wasn’t planning on going out anyways. Here’s my list:


  • Clear off table
  • Wash high chair
  • Sweep/mop floor
  • Dishes
  • Move cleaning supplies into laundry room
  • Make pumpkin bread for neighbors


  • Vacuum floor
  • Put away all the clean diapers/laundry invading every flat surface of the room
  • Dust TV stand
  • Clear off entryway shelf
  • Pick up yarn under side table


  • Sweep/mop floors
  • Wash sinks
  • Wash shower
  • Scrub toilets


  • Vacuum floor
  • Fold/put away laundry
  • Clear off nightstands
  • Laundry x2
  • Pack away summer clothes mixed in with the laundry

In case you didn’t notice the theme, today’s chore list is brought to you by laundry (and lots of it)! Wish me luck!

Commonground Fair!

It’s officially my favorite time of year! There is a nip in the air, all you can see are trees garbed in an explosion of red, orange, and yellow and the Commonground Fair has come to town. It is officially autumn! The Commonground Fair has become somewhat of a family tradition every year and I was especially excited this year since it was Christian’s first time! It is not a summer county fair with rides and tractor pulls (although those are so much fun and something that I do not miss each year as well), but it is equally as fun! It is a fair celebrating natural living, homesteading, and farming. There are tons of demonstrations, animal exhibits, yummy food, and (my personal favorite) YARN! I could tell you more but I will just let you see it πŸ™‚


Christian was very excited!



The first stop was the children’s area



Then it was time for all the kids to get their faces painted before the children’s parade



After that, we checked out the animal demonstrations.



Christian LOVED the sheep πŸ™‚


and the bunnies πŸ™‚


He had more fun looking at the lights in the poultry barn though πŸ˜›



We got a bite to eat, then it was time for my favorite part


Three skeins of lovely natural-dyed and locally spun wool found its way into my bag from the vendor in the top right picture. By that time, the fair was closing up and it was time to go home. This was the scene on our walk through the field to our car.


I will leave you with my favorite picture of the day: my little boy loving the fair as much as I hoped he would πŸ™‚


20 Chore Tuesday

20 Chore Tuesday

This is my third week doing 20 Chore Tuesday which I discovered thanks to the lovely Emily atΒ Joyful Abode, and I have to say it has made such a huge difference in my week! For those of you who haven’t been playing along, this is the gist of it: Every Tuesday, you make a list of 20 things you want to get accomplished (chores, errands, stuff that you’ve been putting off etc.) and then you goΒ do it! Sounds awful I know, but once you get it done, the rest of your week is a piece of cake! Here is my list πŸ™‚


Vacuum floor

Clear off coffee table

Dust TV stand


Vacuum floor

Hang Pictures


Scrub toilets

Wash sinks

Sweep and mop floors


Call about PN website’s redirect

Post 2 discussion questions for Stat.

30 minutes of study plan for Stat.


Wash counters

Sweep and mop floors

Make supper

Create weekly theme nights for meal planning


Fold and put away x 2

Laundry x 1


Plan knitting projects for next month

Finish knitting Clue 2

Enjoy my baby boy’s 7 month birthday!!! He is growing up WAY too fast!